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How PSG Adds Value to Job Search

The Professional Service Group, or PSG, adds tremendous value to the job search process for professionals in transition. The following is discussion of my experiences with this extraordinary group.

I have been involved in the PSG of Mercer County since January. I first discovered PSG through the Job Seekers networking and support group, and as a professional in transition, quickly found a group of like-minded professionals with an interest in taking ownership over the job search process, committed to thought-leadership and passionate about best practices.

As the name suggests, PSG is a group that provides a service to professionals: getting back into the workplace. Past members have held certifications such as PMPs or CPAs, with degrees ranging from an associate’s up to a doctorate. And as a group of professionals for professionals, we help one another land our next jobs.

With the support of the NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development, we have access to tools such as computers, phones, faxes, copiers and printers. But I want to discuss what the members provide that makes PSG so valuable.

According to numerous sources, 80% of jobs are filled through networking, and PSG is a great way to network. When you work alongside somebody on a project, you know better what he or she is willing to and capable of doing, and they know better what your strengths are. When you complete a project, you have kept your skills fresh or perhaps you learned a new skill, which means there’s something new to add to your resume. But beyond that, each week the Training Committee provides a presentation that directly addresses concerns or topics of interest for job seekers: job leads, resume tips and mock interview workshops featuring members, to name just a few.

I am aware of no other resource offering such a rich toolkit of job search tools and tactics. While there are other counties across the state with their own PSGs, this is a toolkit not available in neighboring states: neither the Pennsylvania, New York, nor Connecticutt state governments provide an analogous such framework that empowers professionals to conduct a more effective job search.

With the NJ unemloyment rate at nearly 10% at the time of this writing, it is important that both prospective employers seeking local candidates as well as transitioning professionals know about this unique, free resource.


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